Diabetes Health in The News: Three Out of Four Patients Interested in Online Doctor Visits

The Virtual Visits Consumer Choice Survey, a survey conducted by the Advisory Board Company, shows that as much as 77% of patients are interested in seeing their physician via teleconference. This is higher than many expected and shows that patients are looking for new ways to connect with their health care team. Thanks to access to video conferencing software and phone apps, technology is no longer a barrier to virtual visits.

Virtual physician visits offer a number of benefits. Patients have better access to their health care providers, have more flexibility in scheduling meetings, and, despite initial beliefs, are comparable to traditional visits as far as success and satisfaction go. This survey asked opinions of almost 5,000 participants. Out of 21 different care scenarios, the majority indicated that they would consider a teleconference. However, 21% did indicate that the quality of care was a concern. Only nine percent stated that they had no additional concerns about virtual office visits.

These findings were published in Healthcare Informatics on June 19, 2017.

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