Diabetes Patients Use New Sensor to Detect Foot Ulcers


Diabetics often must closely examine their feet for signs of damage. Injury to the feet may not heal as quickly as it once did, and any cut can become infected and lead to diabetic ulcers. These ulcers can then lead to life-threatening infection or the need for amputation. A new trial by MR3 Health is testing a sensor created by the company that helps these patients monitor damage to their feet. The sensor works with a smartphone app that instructs the user in using the sensor. The device takes the temperature of the skin as the user moves it around on their foot. The patient can then review the information, as can their healthcare team.

These changes in temperature can be used to locate damage to the foot. While the device learns the patient’s normal range, there are factors that can cause the temperature to move out of that range. When this occurs, MR3 Health asks the patient about any activity that may have resulted in abnormal readings. If there is none, the patient’s physician is alerted. MR3 Health is currently continuing with testing and plans on seeking additional funds to market the device.

These findings were published in The Rivard Report on June 20, 2017.

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