Study Stresses that Diabetics with a History of Foot Ulcers Be Carefully Watched


A recent study done by the University of Arizona College of Medicine has urged doctors to closely monitor the feet of diabetics after recovering from a diabetic ulcer. This common side effect of diabetes occurs in many with the disease, but some physicians focus only on healing ulcers once they appear rather than looking at ulcers in remission.

Data shows that upwards of 40% of individuals who develop one of these ulcers are likely to have another within 12 months, while 75% of those with foot ulcers are likely to have another within five years. The study stresses that treating these ulcers while they are in remission may greatly reduce these percentages. Overall, half of all diabetics who have never had a foot ulcer are likely to live on average ten years longer than those who have. Preventing these ulcers from forming or returning not only prevents pain and suffering, it may also extend their lives.

These findings were published in The New England Journal of Medicine on June 15, 2017.

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